PT Portugal
  • C50A - Foodstuffs

Fresh dairy product produced in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

This Decree-Law defines and classifies the fresh milk product produced in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, known as milk curd, and lays down its characteristics and conditions for its packaging, preservation and marking.

This Decree-Law approves the name ‘milk curd’, which applies to fresh milk products traditionally produced on the island of Madeira, originally from cow’s milk exclusively produced on the island and subsequently also from other types of cow’s milk of diversified origin and which are obtained in accordance with the traditional or particular production methods developed on this island and under the conditions described in this Decree-Law.
This Decree-Law also defines the product according to the origin of the cow’s milk and the traditional or particular method of production used in its production and classifies the different types of ‘milk curd’, which are derived from the type of prior treatment applied to used cow’s milk; the fat content of this milk and of the other ingredients used in its production, in addition to fixing its main physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics and laying down the conditions for its packaging, preservation and marking for placing on the regional market.