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  • 65 - Agriculture
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Fertilising products, inorganic fertilisers, organic fertilisers, organo-mineral fertilisers, soil improvers, growing media, biostimulants

Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on Activities Concerning Fertilising Products and their Control

Pursuant to the Fertilisers Act (711/2022), the Decree lays down the information to be notified to the authority on the nature of the activities of economic operators and the notification procedure. The notification obligation applies to all economic operators that place on the market, manufacture and import fertilising products in Finland. The Decree also contains provisions on the detailed content and organisation of the data sets on the activities of manufacturers and importers operating under the Finnish Fertilisers Act, the content of the manufacturers’ quality systems and the information to be notified in respect of import consignments containing fertilising products, and the time and manner in which prior notification of imports are to be given. In addition, the Decree provides for the inspection and control procedures of the authorities in so far as they concern supervision of manufacture.