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Adaptation of the energy performance determination method of buildings (NTA 8800) and the national energy performance assessment guidelines for utility buildings (BRL 9500-U), housing and housing construction (BRL 9500-W) and methods for calculating the energy use of buildings and the energy and financial impact of energy-saving measures (BRL 9501).

Regulation of the Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning amending the Environment Regulation and some vother regulations in connection with a new version of NTA 8800 and new amendments to BRL 9500 and BRLv 9501

The regulation designates a new version of NTA 8800 (NTA 8800:2023) and adds amendments to assessment guidelines 9500-U, 9500-W and 9501.

This regulation clarifies a number of interpretation issues and includes some simplifications and some policy matters.
In policy terms, the standard for housing insulation (future-proof advice on the degree of insulation of buildings in the context of natural gas-free) is included; a uniform lower limit is indicated for biomass-fired devices that are rated as fully renewable (100 Kw thermal power); policy criteria are inserted to better value the deployment of so-called electrode boilers in heat grids in specific deployments during peaks of renewable electricity generation; finally, it is possible to use values that differ from the flat-rate values in NTA 8800 when applying for an environmental permit (in the BENG calculation).
In addition, there are a number of clarifications, simplifications and substantive changes to NTA 8800:2023.
Articles I to IV may contain technical requirements. Article 1.3 of the Building Decree 2012 and Article 1.3 of the Environmental Regulation also include a provision for mutual recognition.