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  • C40C - Chemical fertilisers

This amendment incorporates new types of fertiliser products while
amending and clarifying the registration requirements for particular
organic products.

APA Order APA/.../2019 of [date] [month] [year] amending Annexes I, III and VI to Royal Decree 506/2013 of 28 June 2013 on fertiliser products

In recent years, applications to register fertiliser products in groups 2, 3 and 6 of Annex I to this royal decree have risen. A thorough analysis of the technical files has shown that certain aspects need clarifying, e.g. the notion of an ‘additive’, to give companies greater certainty when producing their products.

It has also been noted than many of the products in question contain mixtures of many different raw materials stated in Annex IV, which impairs the products’ traceability. For instance, fertiliser products containing more than 5-10 % sewage sludge might contain a higher percentage of lime to ensure their proper sanitisation. None of the organic or organo-mineral products included in Annex I to Royal Decree 506/2013 of 28 June 2013 have this high lime content, so such products should not be placed on the market. Moreover, many of these mixtures entail treatments that make it impossible to ensure the end-products’ agronomic performance. Consequently, drawing up a series of guidelines on how to use these raw materials properly has been deemed appropriate.

To ensure the products’ agronomic performance and give end-users of the fertiliser products more information, type 6.01 ‘Organic soil amendment’ has been divided to provide a distinction between when the raw materials are based on peat, leonhardite or lignite, and when they are made from materials of animal or plant origin from Annex IV.

Scientific and technical advances have led to new fertiliser products being developed, and these necessitate amendments to the current legal framework.

In light of all the above, the annexes need updating to incorporate new types (Annex I) and the resultant necessary amendments as regards tolerances (Annex III) and analysis methods (Annex VI).