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Heating systems

Ordinance of the State Government of Salzburg amending the Heating Systems Ordinance [Heizungsanlagen-Verordnung] 2010

In light of the latest amendment, State Law Gazette No 28/2018, to the Clean Air (Heating Systems) Act [Luftreinhaltegesetz für Heizungsanlagen] as well as developments in domestic and EU law, the current Heating Systems Ordinance [Heizungsanlagen-Verordnung] needs to be updated. In this connection specific reference should be made to the revision of Article 15a of the Federal Constitution, Agreement on the placement on the market of heaters and the inspection of firing systems (for which a fully negotiated technical draft is already available), the proposed revision of the Federal Firing Systems Ordinance [Feuerungsanlangen-Verordnung] (a preliminary draft is available) and Directives 2009/125/EC, 2015/2193/EU and 2018/844/EU.

Compared to the currently applicable Ordinance, essentially the following changes are made:

• Update of Section 2 to reflect EU-law requirements;

• Increase of the limits from < 50 kW nominal heat yield to <100 kW fuel heat yield;

• (Minor) tightening of the limits for solid-fuel heaters in the simple inspection;

• Adjustment to reflect the state of the art and EU-law requirements when defining the limits for district heating plants;

• Shortening of the inspection interval for ventilation-dependent
gas heating devices without mechanical exhaust to once per year;

• Abolition of the energy efficiency inspection for heating systems above 20 kW but below 70 kW;

• Abolition of employee training for companies authorised for inspections, except for supervisory bodies.