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Draft technical specifications pursuant to Regional Law No 21 of 13 August 2002 and the regulation governing the use of the collective mark approved by Decree 138 of the Director-General of ERSA dated 27 September 2012, with regard to honey.

The draft technical specifications lay down criteria for the production, traceability, packaging and storage of “AQUA honey” and derivatives to be observed by economic operators in order to obtain the certificate of conformity required by the Friuli Venezia Giulia regional law No 21/2013 and by the Regulation on the use of the collective mark of quality ‘agriculture, quality and environment (‘AQUA’)’, for the issue of the mark.

The draft comprises 11 chapters detailing the following:

- Purpose and legal basis of the specifications;

- Requirements of the AQUA certifiable product with regard to: agriculture, quality and environment;

- Product and its derivatives subject to certification;

- Method of production of AQUA-certified honey;

- Packaging process requirements;

- Specifications and criteria concerning movement of the product;

- Reference to Directive 2001/110/EC, Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 and supplementary requirements for the labelling of AQUA products;

- Criteria and obligations concerning the creation and codifying of the packaging and sales batch, traceability, organisation of activities and responsibilities;

- Measures for the mutual recognition of audits envisaged under other certification schemes;

- Reference to the administrative procedures for the issue of the AQUA mark contained in Regional Law No 21/2002 and the 'Regulation on the use of the AQUA mark'.

- Definitions.