PE Peru
  • 17 - Metrologie, Messwesen, angewandte Physik

Measuring instruments in general. Tanker vehicles (ICS number: 17.020) .

-  9027.10.10.00: Gas or smoke analysis apparatus, electrical or electronic;

-  9027.10.90.00: Other gas or smoke analysis apparatus.

Proyecto de Norma Metrológica Peruana PNMP 024:2016 "Instrumentos de medición de gases de escape de vehículos - Parte 1: Requisitos metrológicos y técnicos y Parte 2: Controles metrológicos y ensayos de funcionamiento" (Draft Peruvian Metrology Standard (PNMP) No. 024:2016, Instruments for measuring vehicle exhaust emissions - Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements, and Part 2: Metrological controls and performance tests)

The notified draft Peruvian Metrology Standard specifies the metrological and technical requirements and tests for digital measuring instruments (hereafter termed "instrument(s)") that serve to determine the volume fractions of certain components of the exhaust gases emanating from motor vehicles. The conditions with which such instruments must comply in order to meet any OIML performance requirements are also established.

It is applicable to instruments, particularly those used according to the procedure defined in ISO 3929, intended for the inspection and maintenance of in-use motor vehicles with spark-ignition engines. These instruments are used to determine the volume fraction of one or more of the following exhaust gas components: carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC, in terms of n-hexane) and oxygen (O2), at the moisture level of the sample as analysed.