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Rice (HS tariff subheading 1006.10)

PROY-NOM-080-SCFI-2015, "Arroz del estado de morelos"

(Draft Mexican Official Standard PROY-NOM-080-SCFI-2015, Rice from the State of Morelos) (21 pages, in Spanish)

The notified draft Mexican Official Standard establishes the technical requirements governing the appellation of origin "Arroz del Estado de Morelos" (rice from the State of Morelos), which is owned by the Mexican State under the Industrial Property Law. This draft Standard has been issued pursuant to the requirements of Article 2 of the General Declaration of Protection of the Appellation of Origin "Rice from the State of Morelos", published in the Mexican Official Journal on 16 February 2012, and the provisions of sub-paragraph XV of Article 40 of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization. The municipalities in the State of Morelos that are covered by the appellation of origin are listed in the Standard.