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Tobacco products

Tobacco Act Draft Legislative Provision (6 pages, in Estonian)

The Draft Legislative Provision contains the following changes in the Estonian Tobacco Act: non-nicotine electronic cigarettes should comply with the ingredient requirements of § 81 of the Estonian Tobacco Act:

The nicotine-containing liquid shall not contain nicotine in excess of 20 mg/ml.

The nicotine-containing liquid shall not contain the following substances:

1)  Vitamins or other additives that create the impression that a product has a health benefit or presents reduced health risks;

2)  Caffeine, taurine or other additives and stimulant compounds that are associated with energy and vitality;

3)  Additives having colouring properties for emissions;

4)  Substances that pose a risk to human health in heated or unheated form, except for nicotine.

Only ingredients of high purity are used in the manufacture of the nicotine-containing liquid of electronic cigarettes. Substances other than the ingredients listed on the packaging are only present in the liquid in trace levels, if such traces are technically unavoidable during manufacture.

The nicotine-containing or non-nicotine electronic cigarette liquid is not allowed to have other flavour or taste than tobacco.

The domestic distance sales of tobacco and related products are prohibited, including domestic sales via internet, phone, catalogue and other similar ways. The cross-border distance sales are also prohibited for non-nicotine e-cigarettes.

It is not allowed to display tobacco or related products in points of sale nor expose their trademarks.

Sales promotion of tobacco related products is prohibited similarly to tobacco products as described in the Draft Legislative Provision point 19, including the prohibition to sell tobacco-related products in the same package with another product.

The rotation date of the Combined Health Warnings shall be from 1 January 2018.

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