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Tanning devices and services using these devices

Decree relating to the conditions for making tanning equipment available to the public and amending Decree No 2013-1261 of 27 December 2013 on the sale and public availability of certain tanning devices which use ultraviolet radiation

This draft decree, issued pursuant to Article 21 of Law No 2016-41 of 26 January 2016 on the modernisation of our health system [Loi de modernisation de notre système de santé – LMSS], amends the provisions of Decree No 2013-1261 of 27/12/2013, which was the subject of Notification No 2013/056/F to the European Commission under Directive 98/34/EC. In the interests of protecting and securing public health, this draft decree sets out a number of provisions relating to technical standards:

- in point II (amending Article 2 of Decree 2013-1261): extension of the prohibition on the sale to the public of devices emitting UV3 (reminder: the sale to the public of devices emitting UV1 has been prohibited since 1997);

- in point X (amending Article 12 of Decree 2013-1261): addition of written material accompanying the instructions for use of the devices, to remind professionals of the health risks associated with exposure to artificial ultraviolet radiation;

- in point XI (amending Article 13 of Decree 2013-1261): provision of consumer information both verbally and via written material, prior to providing the service (reminder: the warning message displayed at the public reception point and close to each device had already been provided for in 2013, as had the warning on advertising media);

- in point XV (amending Article of 17 of Decree 2013-1261): performance of a technical inspection of the devices after changing the UV emitters, to check the levels of radiation emitted.