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Certain digestates of agricultural origin meeting the definition of fertilisers

Order approving technical specifications for the placement on the market and use of agricultural methanisation digestates as fertilisers

The provision referred to in point 3 of Article L255-5 and Article R255-29 of the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code [CRPM] enables the Minister for Agriculture to authorise, by order, the use and placement on the market of fertilisers, fertiliser additives and cultivation substrates referred to in Article L255-1 in accordance with technical specifications.

Products complying with these technical specifications shall be exempt from the marketing authorisation referred to in Article L255-2 and, where applicable, no longer be classified as waste. These fertilisers may therefore be placed on the market, transferred free of charge or used on national territory by the operator of the methanisation unit for the uses cited in the technical specifications. The products in question are raw agricultural methanisation digestates within the meaning of Articles L311-1 and D311-18 of the CRPM, for which the list of inputs and details regarding the methanisation process, storage, uses and labelling are set out in these technical specifications.