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Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Approval of the Regulation on State Registration of Disinfectants"; (15 page(s), in Ukrainian)

In accordance with part one of Article 48 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Public Health System" the use and sale of disinfectants are allowed only after their state registration. The use and sale of unregistered products is prohibited.

The Regulation on state registration of disinfectants is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The draft Regulation on state registration of disinfectants determines the procedure for state registration and re-registration of disinfectants, including requirements to the application for state registration, registration dossier and other documents that are submitted for the state registration, research (tests) required for state registration, brief description of the disinfectant, leaflet (instructions for use), labelling, expert conclusion, change of conditions, suspension, cancellation of state registration of disinfectants, form and the procedure for maintaining the State register of disinfectants.

It is also noted that the state registration and re-registration is required for products whose active substances are subject to medical and sanitary standards and which are intended for carrying out disinfection in the infectious diseases areas, healthcare facilities, preschool educational establishments; disinfection of hands of healthcare personnel; preventive disinfection of residential, industrial, educational, sanitary and other premises, buildings and structures, vehicles; public catering and trade areas, territories of settlements, in places of mass recreation and recreational areas; industrial disinfection; washing and cleaning in household and industry with disinfectant properties; disinfection of indoor air, water (except for drinking), industrial and domestic wastewater; destruction of vectors of infectious diseases (insecticidal); destruction of synanthropic insects in the human workplace; repelling insects; destruction of rodents that are sources and carriers of pathogens infectious diseases; decontamination of hand skin of personnel of food and processing industry, catering, and trade.