TH Thaïlande
  • 67 - Technologie alimentaire
  • 97 - Équipement ménager et commercial, Loisirs, Sports

Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs (ICS code(s): 67.250); Cookware, cutlery and flatware (ICS code(s): 97.040.60)

Draft Ministerial Regulation on Stainless steel utensils for food : safety requirement (TIS 3206–2564); (10 page(s), in Thai)

The draft ministerial regulation mandates stainless steel utensils for food to conform with the standard for Stainless steel utensils for food: safety requirement (TIS 3206–2564).

This standard covers stainless steel utensils used in household, restaurant and canteen such as pot, frying pan, dish, bowl, spoon, food tray or any utensils that have stainless steel as the main components in contact with foodstuff.

This standard does not cover Stainless steel: seamed stockpot (TIS 2440-2552) and any utensils used for storage or transportation and tools used in non-thermal processing of food or slaughterhouse.