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HS: 8415:10XX; Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air-conditioner: a multi-split system is of variable refrigerant flow or VRF type if it has one or more outdoor units comprising a single refrigerant circuit, each of which has a set of refrigeration ports that services the network of indoor units through branch piping or distribution devices or both.

Energy Conservation (Prescribed Regulated Goods) Order 2021 and Energy Conservation (Regulated Goods and Registered Suppliers) Regulations 2021 - notice will be published in the Republic of Singapore's Government Gazette when adopted.

NEA introduced the Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme (MELS) and Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

The existing Energy Conservation (Prescribed Regulated Goods) Order 2017 and the Energy Conservation (Regulated Goods and Registered Suppliers) Regulations 2017 will be amended to introduce MELS and MEPS for three-phase VRF air-conditioners.

Following the entry into force of this measure on 1 April 2021, all regulated three-phase VRF air-conditioner base units, to be supplied or for sale in Singapore must:

·         be registered;

·         be labelled with an Energy Label, and

·         meet MEPS requirements as shown below:

MEPS Requirement for Three-phase VRF air-conditioner base units

Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) ≥ 4.35


IEER = (0.020*COP100%) + (0.617*COP75%) + (0.238*COP50%) + (0.125*COP25%)


Coefficient of Performance x% (COP) = Total Cooling Capacity (kW)

                                                        Effective Power input (kW)

x% refers respective cooling capacity loading

Regulated three-phase VRF air-conditioners are to be tested according to the following standards and conditions to determine their energy performance:

·         ISO 15042: Multiple split-system air conditioners and air to air heat pumps – testing and rating for performance (

·         T1: Standard cooling capacity rating conditions for moderate climates

·        Cassette type indoor units and at least 2 units shall be used during test

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