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Company organization and management in general (ICS 03.100.01)

DRS 208-1: 2019 Business process outsourcing and offshoring operations Part 1: outbound contact centre operations (57 page(s), in English)

1.1     This standard specifies generic requirements for quality operational practices in the business process outsourcing and offshoring sector (the "BPO&O sector"), including captive operations relating to outbound contact centre operations, in any sector of industry, regardless of type and size, where any such operation:

a)       needs to demonstrate the ability to provide clients and customers with products or services (or both) of consistent quality that continuously and proactively satisfy clients and customers;

b)      needs to demonstrate that it complies with applicable legal and regulatory requirements; and

c)       strives continuously to enhance client (for outsourced services), organizational (for captive services) and customer satisfaction through the effective application of this standard and the continual improvement of operational practices.

1.2       This standard specifies when systems' performance metrics are required.