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Proposals to Amend the New Zealand (Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds) Food Notice. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 25

The document contains technical details on proposals to amend the current Notice issued under the Food Act 2014 that lists the maximum residue levels (MRLs) for agricultural compounds in New Zealand.

MPI proposes the following amendments to the Notice:

The addition of new MRL entries for the following compounds: Fenpicoxamid: 0.01(*) mg/kg in eggs, 0.01(*) mg/kg in mammalian fat, 0.02 mg/kg in mammalian kidney, 0.02 mg/kg in mammalian liver, 0.01(*) mg/kg in mammalian meat, 0.01(*) mg/kg in milk, 0.01(*) mg/kg in poultry meat, 0.01(*) mg/kg in poultry offal, and 0.3 mg/kg in wheat grain. Indaziflam: 0.02(*) mg/kg in grapes, 0.02(*) mg/kg in pome fruits, and 0.02(*) mg/kg in stone fruits. Pyriofenone: 0.2 mg/kg in fruiting vegetables (cucurbits).  

The amendment of existing MRL entries for the following compounds and commodities: Fludioxonil: 10 mg/kg in kumara. Flumioxazin: 0.01(*) mg/kg in bush berries, and 0.05(*) mg/kg in hops. Fluopyram: 0.2 mg/kg in parsnips. Fluralaner: amendment of the chicken eggs MRL from 1 mg/kg to 1.3 mg/kg. Lambda-cyhalothrin: 0.2 mg/kg in brassica vegetables (transfer of the MRL currently promulgated under the ‘cyhalothrin' entry). Oxyfluorfen: 0.01(*) mg/kg in potatoes. Prothioconazole: 0.01(*) mg/kg in mammalian fat, 0.01(*) mg/kg in mammalian meat, 0.02 mg/kg in mammalian offal, and 0.004(*) mg/kg in milk. The removal of existing MRL entries for the following compounds and commodities: Cyhalothrin, after transfer of the current 0.2 mg/kg MRL in ‘brassica vegetables' to the entry for lambda-cyhalothrin. Lindane, removing the 2mg/kg MRL in ‘fats (except milk fats)'.  

Note: (*) indicates that the maximum residue level has been set at or about the limit of analytical quantification. 

The addition of an exemption from compliance with a MRL for the following compounds: Vitamins, minerals, and essential trace elements, when used for dietary supplementation in food-producing animals, in Schedule 3 (veterinary medicines) of the Notice.