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Health Functional Food Products

Proposed Draft Amendments to the "Standards and Specification for Health Functional Foods"; (28 page(s), in Korean)

The proposed amendment is to:

1. Revise warning notice for intake in 'Plants containing chlorophyll', 'Spirulina', 'Propolis extracts', 'Edible oil containing gamma-linolenic acid', 'Psyllium husk dietary fiber', 'polydextrose', and 'Red yeast rice'

2. Revise daily intake amount of 'Spirulina', 'Propolis extracts' and 'Psyllium husk dietary fiber'

3. Revise specification of lead in 'Spirulina' and 'Propolis extracts'

4. Delete health claim in 'Spirulina'

5. Add health claim in 'Garlic'

6. Add 'Coleus forskohlii extract' to the functional ingredients list