JP Japon
  • 49 - Aéronautique et espace
  • 88 - Navigation aérienne ou spatiale

Unmanned aircraft systems; Other aircraft (for example, helicopters, airplanes), space aircraft (including satellites) and suborbital and spacecraft launch vehicles (H.S code 88.02); Aircraft and space vehicles in general (ICS 49.020), On-board equipment and instruments (ICS 49.090); (HS: 8802 ); (ICS: 49.020, 49.090)

-Direct Remote ID Standard (Draft) (5 page(s) in English) -Remote ID Equipment Interface Specification (Draft)(9 pages in English) -Manufacture Application, Application Interface Specification (Draft)(18 page(s) in English) (32 page(s), in English)

Establishment of technical standards for Remote ID as a function for remotely identifying unmanned aircraft.