IL Israël
  • 97 - Équipement ménager et commercial, Loisirs, Sports
  • 94 - Meubles; mobilier médico-chirurgical; articles de literie et similaires; appareils d'éclairage non dénommés ni compris ailleurs; lampes-réclames, enseignes lumineuses, plaques indicatrices lumineuses et articles similaires; constructions préfabriquées

Mattresses and bumpers for infants; (HS: 9403, 9404); (ICS: 97.140, 97.160)

SI 1548 - Mattresses and bumpers for infant's and children's cots, perambulators and similar domestic articles

The depth requirements appearing in paragraph 6.2 of the existing Mandatory Standard SI 1548, dealing with mattresses and bumpers for infant, shall not apply to acid reflux mattresses, and therefore shall be declared voluntary for these mattresses only. This declaration will allow the manufacturing, production, importation and distribution of acid reflux mattresses in different height then required in paragraph 6.2 and will enable the success of treating the acid reflux syndrome in babies.

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