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  • 11 - Technologies de la santé

Syringes, needles and catheters (ICS 11.040.25), Other medical equipment (ICS 11.040.99)

Draft of Egyptian standard for "Sharps injury protection — requirements and test methods — sharps protection features for single-use hypodermic needles, introducers for catheters and needles used for blood sampling" (18 page(s), in Arabic)

This draft standard gives requirements and test methods for evaluating the performance parameters of sharps injury protection features, whether active or passive in design, for medical devices  containing  (sharp) hypodermic needles for single use, introducers for catheters used in blood sampling. The sharps injury protection devices it covers may be provided integral to the device or and lancets, and   other needles used  in containing combined with the device prior to use to achieve the sharps injury protection.  It does not give requirements for the storage and handling of the sharps protection before its intended use, or for the medical device itself. Worth mentioning is that this draft standards is technically identical with  ISO  23908/2011

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