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  • 27 - Ingénierie de l'énergie et de la transmission de la chaleur
  • 85 - Machines, appareils et matériels électriques et leurs parties; appareils d'enregistrement ou de reproduction du son, appareils d'enregistrement ou de reproduction des images et du son en télévision, et parties et accessoires de ces appareils

Room air conditioners; Air conditioning machines, comprising a motor-driven fan and elements for changing the temperature and humidity, including those machines in which the humidity cannot be separately regulated (HS 8415); Energy and heat transfer engineering in general (ICS 27.010)

National Standard of the P.R.C., Minimum Allowable Values of the Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Room Air Conditioners (34 page(s), in Chinese)

This standard specifies the energy efficiency grade, energy efficiency limit value and test methods of room air conditioners. This standard is applicable to room air conditioner using air-cooled condenser and fully enclosed electric compressor, with rated refrigeration capacity not exeeding 14000W, and of climate type T1 as well as low ambient temperature air source heat pump hot air blower with nominal heating capacity not exeeding 14000W. This standard is not applicable to mobile air conditioners, multi-connected air conditioning units, air duct air supply air conditioners.