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Additives used in food

Propuesta de Modificación al Reglamento Sanitario de los Alimentos (RSA) DS 977/96, Título III de los Aditivos Alimentarios y Norma Técnica de Aditivos Alimentarios (proposed amendment to the Chilean Food Health Regulations, Supreme Decree No. 977/96, Title III Food Additives and Technical Standard for Food Additives) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 8

The notified proposed amendment was drafted by the Advisory Working Group on Food Additives (3 February 2021, Exempt Decree No. 08, Ministry of Health). For the purposes of drafting the amendment, a "food category system" was established based on the principles of the Codex Alimentarius, adapting some of its titles, definitions and examples to domestic circumstances and specifically to the provisions of Supreme Decree 977/96, in order to permit the use of food additives in each food category. The proposed text is based on Codex Stan 192, listing the additives with limits by food categories and specifying the function of each additive.

The food category descriptors set out in the Technical Standard for Food Additives are not intended to be legal product designations for labelling purposes; rather, they are used to validate the permitted additives and limits in products. In addition, the food category system is hierarchical, meaning that when an additive is recognized for use in a general category, it is recognized for use in all its subcategories, unless otherwise stated.

Further details can be found in the document attached to this notification.

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