CH Suisse
  • 33 - Télécommunications, Technique audio et vidéo

Telecommunication equipment, radio equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment; Telecommunication terminal equipment (ICS 33.050)

Draft revision of the Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Office of Communications on telecommunications installations (OOIT) (2 page(s), in German; 2 page(s), in French)

The OOIT has to be updated to follow the latest frequency management in Europe.

Following RIR have been changed:

·         A new RIR (RIR1010-11) for Wireless Access Systems (WAS) including Radio Local Area Networks (RLAN) in the frequency range (5945 - 6425 MHz) will be created in order to be in line with the ECC Decision (20)01.

·         A new RIR (RIR1012-11) for automotive radars in the frequency range (24.05 – 24.25 GHz) will be created in order to be in line with the ERC/REC 70-03 Annex 5.

·         A RIR (RIR0302-45) will be amended due to changes in the EN 302 217-2 regarding the transmitter power spectral density.

For legal and formal reasons, the version (number) of each RIR was increased by 1 (without further changes in content).