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  • 43 - Véhicules routiers

Lighting, signalling and warning devices (ICS code(s): 43.040.20)

BOS 320:2009 Retro-reflectors (Reflex reflectors) - Specification; (15 page(s), in English)

This specification covers the requirements for sealed red, amber and clear (white) retro-reflectors (reflex reflectors) for use on road vehicles, including retro-reflectors that form part of light assemblies.

This specification does not cover

  1. flexible retro-reflective material;
  2. retro-reflective warning signs; or
  3. retro-reflective registration plates.

NOTE 1 Information that must be supplied by the test sponsor is given in Annex A. 

NOTE 2 Information regarding the verification of the quality of retro-reflectors produced to this specification, and the sampling plan to be used to assess compliance with the specification of a lot of retro-reflectors are given in Annex B.

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