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Welding consumables (ICS code(s): 25.160.20)

BOS 89:2010 Covered steel electrodes for the manual arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steels ― Specification; (34 page(s), in English)

This specification covers requirements for covered steel electrodes suitable for the manual arc welding of carbon and of carbon manganese steels having an ultimate tensile strength not exceeding 650 MPa.

NOTE 1 Requirements that must be specified by the purchaser are listed in Annex A.

NOTE 2 Except under the standardization mark scheme, arrangements for obtaining the sample required in terms of 8.1.2 will in the case of electrodes of nominal diameter other than 4 mm, require special agreement between the supplier and the purchaser.

NOTE 3 The coding system used in the specification consists of a section indicating general characteristics and a section indicating the specific properties of an electrode. Where so required in descriptions and in marking other than those on the container, the symbols indicating general characteristics only may be used to describe an electrode type, but each container of electrodes shall be marked with the complete coding in accordance with 7.2.

NOTE 4 An example of the use of the coding system is given in Annex B.

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