SE Suède

Water meters.

The Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment's regulations on water meters.

Regulations on water meters are already in place today (STAFS 2016:2). These regulations implement the Measuring Instruments Directive (2014/32/EU). The previous version of the Directive was implemented by STAFS 2006:5, which was later superseded by STAFS 2016:2.

The draft regulation includes some minor amendments to the existing provisions and, moreover, involves slightly extending the collective covered by the specific requirements that apply when putting into service water meters for use for certain specified purposes in order to comply with the requirement for accurate measurement under the Energy Efficiency Directive (2018/2002/EU). The current regulation also contains provisions on humidity and temperature conditions. These provisions were introduced in 2006, but have not previously been notified as technical rules. It should be pointed out that these rules fall within the framework within which the Member States must comply under the Measuring Instruments Directive. In view of the fact that the provisions are within the scope of the Directive, the examination of their consequences has been deemed to have been taken into account in the drafting of the Directive.
As the draft regulation and the current regulations are within the framework of the implementation of EU Directives (2014/32/EU and 2018/2002/EU), the provisions do not need to include a mutual recognition clause.