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Documents on certain registration objects, such as soil surveys and groundwater monitoring wells, must be submitted in order for subsurface data to be included in the Key Register of the Subsurface.

Regulation of the Minister for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, amending the Decree on the Key Register of the Subsurface concerning the addition of registration objects (fourth instalment, second part)

This draft regulation contains rules for the implementation of the Act Basic Registration Subsurface (BRO Act) and the Act on the Key Register of the Subsurface [Wet basisregistratie ondergrond]. BRO Act provides for the creation of a key register of the subsurface consisting of a digital map with detailed information about the subsurface of the Netherlands. On the basis of the BRO Act, the designated source data owners in the register must submit specific subsurface data of so-called registration objects to the Key Register. This amendment to the BRO Regulation concerns the addition of catalogues for the registration objects groundwater use system, groundwater production system, mining construction and mining law permit and an amendment to the catalogue of registration objects drilling research — geological drill sample description and drilling sample analysis.
This draft regulation establishes the data catalogue describing the way the information shall be provided. In the five annexes, the draft regulation contains new rules on the layout of the key subsurface registration system, which may include technical requirements. It concerns the establishment of the data catalogue concerning the data to be included in the key subsurface registration (Article 11 and related annexes of the Key Subsurface Registration regulation).

The Article 15 of the Key Subsurface Registration regulation contains a provision for mutual recognition.