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  • B30 - Environnement

Substances of particular concern.

Scheme of the State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management, of..., No IENW/BSK-2020/...., amending the Environmental Management Act in view of the deferred entry into force of the Environmental Protection Act and updating.

The draft amending scheme may contain technical requirements in the Article I.

This amending scheme provides a further elaboration of the rules set out in the Activity Decree.
The environmental management scheme contains general standards to which establishments must comply. The annexes to this scheme containing substances of particular concern will be replaced in full. This is related to an annual update.
The amending scheme adapts the rules in the Environmental Management Act to the updated norms concerning substances of very high concern (SVHC).
In addition, minor repairs are made in some articles, legal-technical or textual in nature.
There is no provision on mutual recognition.