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  • B20 - Sécurité

- Healthcare facilities that provide hospital or residential services on a continuous or daily basis and which have more than 25 beds;

- nursing homes with more than 25 beds;
- healthcare facilities that provide specialist support services on an outpatient basis, including rehabilitation and instrumental and laboratory diagnostics, with a total surface area that exceeds 500 m2.

Draft Ministerial Decree on the approval of the technical fire prevention standards for healthcare facilities under Article 15 of Legislative Decree No 139 of 8 March 2006

Within the scope of the technical standards of the Decree of 3 August 2015, the draft Decree will lay down technical fire prevention measures for healthcare facilities.

It is made up of four articles, as follows:
Article 1: Approves the technical standards;
Article 2: Defines the field of application;
Article 3: Amends the Decree of 3 August 2015;
Article 4: Establishes the final provisions;
Annex: Chapter V.11 - Healthcare Facilities.