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Tobacco products, nicotine products, electronic cigarettes and refill containers;

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Draft regulations relating to tobacco and nicotine products, electronic cigarettes and refill containers

As an EFTA State, Norway has not yet implemented the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU (the TPD), but this is expected to happen shortly. Norway has previously notified legislative changes that go beyond the TPD

- 2015/9023 Requirement for Norwegian user manual for e-cigarettes and refill containers (statutory authority)

- 2016/9013 TPD Article 7(6) applied to oral tobacco (statutory authority)

- 2016/9021 E-cigarettes without nicotine must also register and are subject to the non-nicotine specific product requirements of the TPD

Norway is currently working on finalizing the regulations connected to the implementation of the TPD, and hereby notifies the following regulations that go beyond the TPD:

1) Deadline for the notification of changed or new products under TPD Art. 5(1) last paragraph: 12 weeks before placing on the Norwegian market.

2) TPD Art. 7(6) letters a), b) and e) are applied to oral tobacco. The provision bans certain additives creating the impression of health benefits or reduced health risk, such as vitamins, caffeine, taurine and additives that have CMR properties in unburnt form.

3) The precise positioning and format of health warnings mandated by TPD Art. 12 for smokefree tobacco. Size and design of mandatory cessation information.

4) Criterias for authorisation for novel tobacco and nicotine products, cf. TPD Article 19.

5) Language requirement on information supplied with electronic cigarettes, cf. TPD Article 20(4) letters a) and b) point (i). This information comprises the details on the label and in the instructions for use.

6) Requirement for age verification on delivery of tobacco products or e-cigarettes sold through distance sale, cf. TPD Article 18.

7) Registration system for delivery agents.

8) Excemption for e-cigarettes and refill containers from the Norwegian point of sale display ban.

9) Excemption for e-cigarettes and refill containers from the Norwegian advertising ban related to distance sale.