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Precious metals and conflict minerals

Draft Act on precious metals and conflict minerals

The draft Act contains provisions on requirements for hallmarks and sponsor's marks and their use. The Act states that articles made from precious metals must be marked with the sponsor's mark and the hallmark when offered for sale. The Act also contains provisions concerning which articles are exempt from the marking requirement. Under the Act, the Danish Safety Technology Authority is authorised to lay down regulations governing the registration of sponsor's marks and their inclusion in the sponsor's mark register as well as on hallmarking for articles of precious metals and on the marking of articles that consist of two or more precious metals.

The draft also includes control of minerals imported from areas of conflict. By ensuring the traceability of the product, the purpose of the Conflict Minerals Regulation and of the draft Act is to deprive armed groups of one their main sources of revenue and, as far as possible, avoid workers being exploited in areas of conflict. The Conflict Minerals Regulation is based upon the OECD guidelines from 2011, which set an international benchmark for ‘due diligence’ in the supply chain.