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Guidelines on quality and origin for partner companies - Guidelines for the food service industry

The AMA Quality Mark Guideline ‘Guidelines on quality and origin for partner companies - Guidelines for the food service industry’ establishes a transparent quality programme for the food service industry based on product quality, predominantly manual labour, short supply chains with regional ingredients and raw materials/ingredients which can be traced back to their origin as well as independent inspections.

Dishes must be freshly prepared and the offerings must include traditional dishes typical to the region. The food must comply with the relevant guidelines related to the product laid down in the Austrian Food Code (an objective description of consumer expectations) or similar quality criteria of other Member States.

Raw materials that have been produced in accordance with the quality programme (e.g. organic farming), should preferably be used. The use of imitation foods and eggs or egg products from caged hens is not permitted.

For five product categories defined in the Guidelines, raw materials must be sourced from the regions defined by the company. Regions are areas defined by their landscape, provinces, or areas that cross provincial or national boundaries. In the case of voluntary indication of origin for dishes, all determining raw materials must originate from the region given.

Participation in the Guidelines on quality and origin is voluntary. An agreement must be signed between the owner and AMA Marketing.