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  • 03 - Services, Company organization, Management and quality, Administration, Transport, Sociology
  • 13 - Environment and health protection, Safety
  • 33 - Telecommunications, Audio and video engineering

Image and audio recording devices; Transport by rail (ICS 03.220.30), Accident and disaster control (ICS 13.200), Other protective equipment (ICS 13.340.99), Audio, video and audiovisual engineering (ICS 33.160)

Locomotive Image and Audio Recording Devices for Passenger Trains (36 page(s), in English)

FRA is proposing to require the installation of inward- and outward-facing locomotive image recording devices on all lead locomotives in passenger trains, and that these devices record while a lead locomotive is in motion and retain the data in a crashworthy memory module. FRA also proposes to treat locomotive-mounted recording devices on passenger locomotives as "safety devices" under existing Federal railroad safety regulations to prohibit tampering with or disabling them. Further, this NPRM would govern the use of passenger locomotive recordings to conduct operational tests to determine passenger railroad operating employees' compliance with applicable railroad rules and Federal regulations. FRA requests comment on the need for and effects of potential, additional safety requirements.