TH Thailand
  • 65 - Agriculture

Domesticated elephants (Elephas maximus) (ICS Code:65.020); Farming and forestry (ICS 65.020)

Draft Thai Agricultural Standard entitled "Good Animal Practices for Elephant Facility" (9 page(s), in Thai)

This standard provides requirements of good animal practices for elephant facilities/camps where a place used for raising or gathering elephants for business purposes. It covers components of elephant camps and management of the facilities/camps, personnel, elephant health and welfare, environment, safety and record keeping. The aims are to promote elephants' good health taking into consideration animal welfare and environment while maintaining personnel's health, safety and welfare, and ensuring visitors' safety. This Thai Agricultural Standard is applied only to the elephant facilities/camps that raise or gather domesticated elephants of Elephas maximus and it does not cover home own raising with no elephant-related business in tourism or shows and raising for labour purposes.

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