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Draft Food (Amendment No. X) Regulations 2020 (8 page(s), in English)

The SFA has completed a review of the Food Regulations and proposes the following amendments:

a) To revise the standard for butter in Regulation 116, with respect to the product definition, raw materials, permitted ingredients and composition, to be in line with the Codex Standard for Butter (CODEX STAN 279-1971).

b) To amend the name of an existing food additive, from "Hydrogenated glucose syrup (maltitol and maltitol-based products)", to "Maltitol" and "Maltitol syrup (hydrogenated glucose syrup)".

c) To delete Regulation 204(2) which specifies the geographical origin of Scotch Whisky.

(The above amendments are also notified via SPS notification.)

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