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Vessels (The Craft Risk Management Standard applies to all vessels entering New Zealand territory. It does not apply to vessels that are passing through New Zealand territory on innocent or transit passage as defined in the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea.)

Craft Risk Management Standard for Vessels.

The proposed Vessels standard combines the current vessels and biofouling requirements (currently found in CRMS-Biofoul) into a single document. This will result in the CRMS-Biofoul being revoked. Some changes to these requirements have been made to ensure that the Vessels standard remains fit for purpose. 

Major changes include extended time allowed for short-stay vessels in New Zealand, the inclusion of requirements for vessel biofouling inspections, and a change in common name of regulated pests – Lymantria species (formerly AGM). The Lymantria species risk period will also be extended and may require more vessels to obtain certificates of freedom.