NI Nicaragua
  • 65 - Agriculture
  • 67 - Food technology

Products of plant origin. Ground-nut and palm oil cash crop plantations are exempted.

NTON 11 - 051 19 Buenas prácticas agrícolas. Requisitos y evaluación de la conformidad. (Nicaraguan Mandatory Technical Standard (NTON) No. 11 - 051 19: "Good agricultural practices. Requirements and conformity assessment.") Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 20

The notified document establishes the technical guidelines and requirements for the implementation of good agricultural practices.

It applies to the primary production, harvesting, transportation and storage of products of plant origin in the production unit for persons wishing to obtain official certification in good agricultural practices. Note: This Standard does not apply to ground-nut and palm oil cash crop plantations, which are subject to the current version of the relevant standard for these items.

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