MG Madagascar
  • 07 - Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers
  • 09 - Coffee, tea, maté and spices
  • 12 - Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruit; industrial or medicinal plants; straw and fodder
  • 18 - Cocoa and cocoa preparations

Foodstuffs of plant origin (HS codes 07/07133/071390; 09/0905/0907; 12/1202; 18/1801/1803/1804/1805/1806)

Arrêté relatif aux critères microbiologiques applicables aux denrées alimentaires destinées à l'exportation (Order on the microbiological criteria applicable to foodstuffs for export)

The notified order establishes the microbiological criteria applicable to certain micro-organisms that may be found in certain foodstuffs for export.