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Goods (products) subject to phytosanitary control

Eurasian Economic Commission Council Draft Decision on Amendments to the Common quarantine phytosanitary requirements for quarantine products and quarantined objects on the customs border and the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Language(s): Russian. Number of pages: 22

The Draft provides for the amendment of the existing requirements with the following:

-   provisions allowing the movement of quarantine products between the member States of the EAEU in hand luggage and passengers' luggage without a phytosanitary certificate;

-   provisions allowing to import into the customs territory of the EAEU and move through its territory fruits and berries infected with quarantine species of lecanium, scale insects, bacteria, viruses, viroids, nematodes and phytoplasmas;

-   requirements for carrot seeds, seeds, micro-plants and minitubers of potato, raw sugar beet seeds for sowing, seedlings, stocks and cuttings of cherry (Prunus mahaleb), peach (Prunus persica), sweet cherry (Prunus avium) and olive (Olea europaea), seedlings of fuchsia (Fuchsia), carnations (Dianthus), pumpkin crops, onion species (Allium spp.) and asparagus rhizomes;

-   clarification of the requirements for seed and planting material for a wide range of agricultural and forestry crops;

-   clarification of the requirements for fresh vegetables, fruits and berries; 

-   special quarantine phytosanitary requirements for peat in relation to its production in areas free of the polyphagous humpbacked fly (Megaselia scalaris).