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  • 29 - Organic chemicals

Acetic Acid (HS Code 29152100)

Acetic Acid (Quality Control) Order, 2019 (1 page(s), in English)

Acetic Acid is a common feed-stock for various industrial as well as pharmaceutical and food products including synthetic vinegar, which is a common household food ingredient. The production process of glacial acetic acid leads to presence of toxic impurities such as Arsenic and other heavy metals such as lead which are required to be restricted in terms of their presence by weight due to their highly toxic characteristics. So the standard of Acetic Acid is being made mandatory for compliance by the manufacturers and by importers of the same into India. So the locally manufactured or imported Acetic Acid shall conform to the Indian standard (IS 695:1986) and shall bear the standard mark under license from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Bureau of Indian Standards and District Industries Centre of the State Governments shall be the enforcing authority.

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