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  • 91 - Construction materials and building

Construction products as defined in regulation 3 of the draft regulations, i.e. any product or kit which is placed on the market for permanent incorporation in any construction works.

The Construction Products Regulations 2022 (55 page(s), in English)

These regulations will be made under the Building Safety Bill (once it has received Royal Assent) and will extend the existing regulatory framework to cover all construction products placed on the market in the UK.  

The existing regulatory framework for construction products, which derives from EU law, will remain in place for Great Britain (the EU regulatory regime for construction products will continue to apply in Northern Ireland as per the Northern Ireland Protocol). The regulation of safety critical products and the requirement for construction products to be safe will be extended to Northern Ireland.

The intention of these regulations is to require that construction products placed on the UK market are safe, and can be used safely. It will do this by placing obligations on economic operators in the supply chain, including to carry out a risk assessment, provide customer information and to take corrective measures where necessary.  

The Bill includes a power to create a statutory list of 'safety critical' construction product standards (where their failure would risk causing serious injury or death). The regulations set out that manufacturers will be required to complete a declaration of performance, put in place factory production controls and follow the specified system of assessment and verification of constancy of performance to ensure that the claimed performance is consistently met. This will bring the regulation of these products in line with arrangements for products covered by the existing regulatory framework, including the affixation of a UKCA mark. Other economic operators in the supply chain will have obligations placed on them to support compliance with these requirements.

These regulations will strengthen the market surveillance and enforcement regime for construction products so that safety concerns can be identified and dealt with, and action can be taken against those who do not comply with the regulations. This includes powers to investigate, take civil action or prosecute economic operators for breaches in construction products regulations.