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  • 11 - Health care technology
  • 17 - Metrology and measurement, Physical phenomena

Medical and Laboratory Measurement Instruments

Technical Regulations for Mandatory Requirements for Medical and Laboratory Measurement Instruments (46 page(s), in Arabic)

This technical regulation includes the mandatory requirements for the following legal measuring instruments that are used in laboratories of all kinds, medical clinics, hospitals and health centers. It also applies to instruments imported or manufactured for these purposes, and include:

1- Digital medical thermometers.

2- Medical electric thermometers.

3- Non-overlapping mechanical medical sphygmomanometers.

4- Non-overlapping automated sphygmomanometers.

5- Automatic pipettes.

6- A graduated pipette.

7- A graduated Decanters.

8- Density meters.


10- A graduated cylinders.

11-Medical syringes

12- Measuring Instruments Verified by Reference Materials:

-Portable blood glucose meter used for initial diagnostic purposes.

13- Ionizing radiation dosimetry equipment

14- Measuring instruments that have a calibration certificate:

  -Weights and scales.

- Thermometers to measure the temperature of ovens, coolers, water basins, baby incubators, etc.

- Sterilizers.

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