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The temporary ban on keeping of mink in Denmark expires on 31 December 2022.

The attached draft Order implements infection prevention measures upon reopening of mink production in 2023

Draft Order on COVID-19 in fur animals

1) Monitoring programme of COVID-19 in mink:

The European Commission’s standard monitoring programme is implemented in accordance with Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/788. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (the competent authority) shall take the samples.

2) Infection protection plan in mink establishments:
All mink establishments must have an infection protection plan for COVID-19. The plan shall include at least the following requirements:
- Use of masks (FFP3 mask in case of suspicion and infection).
- Use of face shield / protection glasses.
- Hand hygiene.
- Change of clothes and footwear.
- Shower after finishing work/before leaving the establishment.
- Attending courses on hygiene and the use of protective equipment.
- Limit the number of persons with access to the establishment and keep a record of visitors to the establishment.
- Cleaning and disinfection of equipment.

The plan should also contain guidelines on:
- COVID-19 testing of people working in the establishment.
- People who has been in another mink herd or in a pelting centre are not given access to the herd within the first 24 hours after the contact ceased.

3) Testing when importing and moving mink.
All mink must be tested in connection with imports from EU countries or imports from third countries upon arrival at the receiving mink herd in Denmark. Prior testing is required when moving between herds in Denmark.