LV Latvia

The draft Cabinet Regulation lays down requirements for low-capacity slaughterhouses producing meat for distribution only on the local (LV) market.

Amendments to Cabinet Regulation No. 328 of 18 June 2013 on ‘Requirements for Slaughterhouses if Meat of Animals Slaughtered Therein is Sold on the Domestic Market in Small Quantities’

The current rules lay down the total number of slaughtered poultry. This creates uneven playing field for the breeders of various species of birds. In particular, this applies to owners of low-capacity slaughterhouses slaughtering birds that weigh less than 1 kg, such as quails. As a result, the amendments lay down a specific number of birds in the respective weight category.

In view of the economic circumstances and in support of the efforts of local populations to operate as locally as possible, the draft regulation provides for an increase in the number of animals to be slaughtered in slaughterhouses if the meat of slaughtered animals is sold on the local market in small quantities (hereinafter, low-capacity slaughterhouses) and for allowing the meat obtained from slaughterhouses to be supplied as raw material to approved operators for further processing subject to compliance with all traceability requirements and high hygiene standards, and separating the processing of such meat in place and/or in time.