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Bridge parapet

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency guideline Design of bridge parapets

The guideline must be followed when designing bridge parapets. The design of bridge parapets refers to the selection and use of a suitable parapet product for a specific application. The guideline sets out the requirements and implementation principles of SFS-EN 1317-1, 1317-2 and 1317-5 for bridge parapets for all forms of transport routes in Finland. The guideline contains requirements regarding the dimensions, deflection, functionality and structural details of bridge parapets, such as expansion joints or the anchoring of handrails.
The guideline provides criteria according to which the required containment level (H2, H4b) of the parapet can be assessed. The fall prevention features of the parapets have also been taken into consideration and the impenetrability and deflection requirements above electric rails have been determined.