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Subject: Roll-your-own tobacco.

Order of the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport amending the Tobacco and Smoking Products Order concerning the introduction of a new measurement method for volume tobacco

This Order introduces a substantive amendment in Article 1(B) and (D) with regard to the measurement method for measuring maximum emissions of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide from volume tobacco. These parts amend the Tobacco and Smoking Products Order by adding a sentence and an annex to Article 2.2(1). These parts may contain technical amendments. See point 9 for their background.

No mutual recognition clause has been included in this amending Order. Article 2.2 of the Tobacco and Smoking Products Decree already contains such a provision in the fourth paragraph. That Article relates to laboratories approved for the purpose of verifying measurements regarding maximum emissions of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide: laboratories approved by the competent authorities of another State of the European Union to carry out verification of measurements referred to in Article 4 of the Tobacco Products Directive shall be considered equivalent to laboratories designated or approved under this Article.
A further provision in the present amending Order is not considered necessary.