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  • T40T - Urban and road transport

The provisions apply to vehicles and vehicle combinations permitted in abnormal road transports, as well as permissible loads in abnormal road transports; coupling requirements for vehicles used in abnormal road transport vehicle combinations; dimensions and masses permitted in abnormal road transports and the loading and marking of the load; abnormal road transport of a load other than an indivisible load; speed limits prescribed for abnormal road transports; the use of escort vehicles and traffic directors; convoys of abnormal road transports; conditions for preventing danger or harm raised by abnormal road transports and other safety requirements; conditions for granting an abnormal road transport permit, as well as when a transport requires an abnormal transport permit; additional technical requirements regarding the approval for traffic use of vehicles intended for abnormal road transports and exemptions from technical requirements for those vehicles, as well as technical ways to demonstrate compliance with such requirements; markings; identification and warning lights; reflectors and other warning devices required for vehicles and vehicle combinations used in abnormal road transports; category, mass and colour requirements of an abnormal road transport vehicle, warning signs, warning lights, reflectors and other warning devices of escort vehicles, as well as equipment and devices to be used in an escort vehicle to ensure adequate traffic direction and safety.

Key words: Abnormal transport, abnormal transport vehicle

Abnormal transports and abnormal transport vehicles

The Regulation would repeal the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Regulation of 29 March 2019 on abnormal road transports and abnormal transport vehicles in force.

The new Road Traffic Act (729/2018) is intended to enter into force on 1 June 2020, and consequently amendments necessitated by this revision are made to Regulations issued pursuant to the Road Traffic Act, such as amendments to references to legislation. In addition to the amendments required for the revision of the Road Traffic Act, the Regulation aims to clarify the provisions and update the contents in terms of amendments that practice has shown to be necessary. Provisions on the new permissible alternatives for the nominal width of single wheels would be added to the Regulation. The Regulation would further specify the provisions in force concerning the loading of a boat onto a lorry, the requirements for marking wide transport and the prerequisites for using an escort vehicle.

Key words: Abnormal transport, abnormal transport vehicle