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Specifically concerns dairy products and marketing and promotion services.

Technical specifications concerning use of a grass fed logo in the Dairy sector

The Grass Fed Dairy Scheme has been developed by Bord Bia in response to the demands of the marketplace to differentiate dairy products on the basis of the grass and pasture based diet of Irish dairy animals. It is a milk processor level standard developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders from the dairy sectors including the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Teagasc, and dairy co-ops.

The scheme will certify milk processors for the production of milk that meets the definition of Grass-Fed as defined within the Bord Bia Grass Fed Dairy Standard. Member processors will be audited every 12 months for compliance to the rules and criteria contained in section 3.2 of the Standard. The focus of the annual audit is on traceability, identification and segregation of the grass-fed milk received and grass-fed products produced by the processor. Members of the scheme will also be subject to unannounced spot audits on an on-going basis. The scheme has been accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board in November 2019 and is included under the Bord Bia ISO17065 accreditation.

Bord Bia plan to deliver a dairy marketing campaign on behalf of the industry. The types of activities to feature in the campaigns include; advertorials and advertisements in trade magazines, video production for online use, targeted buyer campaigns through online such as LinkedIn, online banner advertising, display advertising at trade shows.

The Bord Bia verified grass fed standard LOGO will be included in the above material and activity.