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Signage equipment for road works

Draft Decree on the signage of construction sites and obstacles on public roads

In general, the amendments aim to improve the signage of construction sites by taking into account developments in equipment and knowledge gained to improve the safety and the fluidity of construction sites.

The main amendments concern the addition of performance specifications in accordance with European standards:

• PTV 662 (2019) type 3 retroreflective sheeting or equivalent required on construction site signs.

• The mobile shock absorber complies with TS 16786 (European specification) - as per class 100.

• Lamps on beacons are type L6 or L7 (light intensity) and in C1
yellow in accordance with NBN EN 12352. However, lamps are not required
for the lateral marking of the construction site.

• In the approach area, lights are type L8 (and above L6) and have a scrolling effect.

• On temporary restraint systems, beacons have a minimum surface area of 400 cm² every 30 metres.

• Temporary road markings are Y2 yellow in accordance with NBN EN 1436 and have a width of 15 cm.