Information switec

The Information switec, the publication organ about changes in the set of standards, informs about:
• Draft standards submitted for comments
• New standards
• Withdrawn standards

To the following publishers:
- ISO International Organization for Standardization
- IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
- CEN European Committee for Standardization
- CENELEC European Electrotechnical Committee for Standardization
- SNV (INB) Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV)
- Swissmem Association of mechanical and electrical engineering industries
- Electrosuisse Association for Electrical, Energy and Information Technology
- SIA Swiss society of engineers and architects
- VSS Swiss Association of Road and Traffic Professionals
- FH (NIHS) Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry

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Results: 1
Dok-Nr. Alternative Dok. Title Status Date of Publication Rückzugsdatum Einspruchsfrist Replaces Standards Committee Publisher
prSN 564271-1:2022 Étanchéités des pièces intérieures Draft standards submitted for comments 15.12.2022 SIA